Good Communications inside your company and outside your company is critical to driving the success of your organization.   Communications is what makes things work, or not work, in every relationship that you have.  With your employees, customers, managers, bank, partners, vendors, you name it. 

  Ultimately communication is a human being greatest challenge.  Getting it out, getting it out clearly, getting people to understand what you mean, not just what they thought you meant.  And for you to understand what they want, need, heard, and believe.  Lastly, coming to agreement on what is said and what will work.  There is nothing more challenging then communicating effectively. It's hard enough to do this within a loving family unit and when it comes to a business, which is like a family only larger and more complex, little time or money is invested in this process.  Sure Human Resources may be hired to deliver the hard news or the bad news. That's a role based on dictating policy, not affecting positive communications.

 I have seen companies hire and fire, and hire and fire, which is investing and throwing away that investment, only to do it again and again.  The business cost is rarely ever measured.  But I can assure you that you are wasting time and money in doing this.  Add up the salaries of the folks you hired and removed, the time your key people spent trying teaching them, the costs of the negative impact this has on your employee's morale or the turnover of employees who become disenchanted with this business policy worrying when you will take your next whack at your employee base.

Where is your communications officer or your retention manager?  Hiring the right person from the beginning is critical.  If they are right then you don't want to lose them.  If you hire for the wrong reasons, randomly, cheaply, and keep getting the wrong person, stop doing this. If you see this as a loss to your company then work to fix it.  

 As a trained counselor, communications is my thing.  I am happy to take on your communications challenge.

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