Enman Strategic Business Initiatives



With decades of business experience, in a variety of industries and jobs responsibilities, I've developed a broad perspective on growing and managing businesses.  Learning important lessons that honed and expand my skills. Allowing me to play a significant role in growing many organizations.

Proven successful, leader, trusted and respected advisor.  Honest, consciences, responsible, self-starter. Excellent listener, analytical thinker; innovative, creative; calculated risk taker, articulate, educator, counselor, therapist. 


Graduated Suffolk University - Magna Cum Laude - Bachelor of Science 


Licensed social worker.  Provided individual and family therapy.  Implemented a new concept/program to keep noncriminal juveniles out of the juvenile system, won national acclaim. Developed resources for older children adoption, won recognition as a leader in the field.  Requested to manage a case which had drawn national media attention, removing it from the media spotlight.  

Advertising sales person.  Promoted to lead territory in first three months in company one.  Sold so much for another company, they lowered their compensation plan, to limit my sales revenue, even though I only got a small percentage of their total earnings.  I moved on. 

Establishing Publisher - General Manager - Security Systems News, taking a sizable investment to a multimillion dollar recurring revenue stream.  Added Security Director News, fasting growing publication in the company's decades old history.  Established three successful events; SecurityXchange, Security Growth Conference and TechSec Solutions, allowing the owner to buy out his partner. 

Consultant/Director of Business Development - Securitas Systems U.S.  Developed their first public face, after spinning off from Securitas, the guarding company.  Developed marketing plans for the U.S. and their many vertical markets, including positioning, sales tools, website, tradeshow presence and videos.  Worked with CTO and Marketing Manager in Sweden on letterhead, truck signage, booth design; on the international marketing committee and international sales initiatives.   

Axis Communications, Manager Strategic Channels, Education and Healthcare.  Initiated relationships within these channels, without sales or marketing tools, as those were developed in Sweden.  They did not expect to have a person in place for the global education group for at least a year and decided not to support the healthcare initiatives. 

Recruited away from Axis, to right a slumping SD&I Magazine as their GM/Publisher.  Stopped sales from selling below profitability!  Expanded territories of the better sales people, supported editor to increase content value, when Cygnus was devasted by the recession, losing fifty percent of their revenue in a year, shuttering publications and events, positioning the company for sale in the height of the recession.  The security division remained highly profitable, using our profits to hold up other properties. 

Enman Strategic Business Initiatives - Growth Consultant to:

Advance Technology - Systems Integrator - Assessed worker satisfaction, defined improvements they felt would move the company forward.  Developed growth opportunities, strategic partnerships, collaborated with owner on reorganizing his management team, developed new web-site and content. Company won awards as "The Fastest Growing Security Company" in the U.S. from SSI Magazine and "Best Middle Market System Integrator" SDI Magazine.  Resulted in significant revenue growth over the next few years. 

DICE Corporation - Automation Software Developer / SaaS -  Supported Cliff with anything he asked me to do, which was varied over the many years, from client support to content development, marketing and web site development, to selling hosted solutions to global sales, and IPtelX sales.  At last report, DICE grew by 40% and IPtelX.net by 50%.  Acted as the public face of DICE and IPtelX.  

Provided PR support to companies throughout the world.  


Skiing, snowshoeing, sailing, boating, the beach, walking, gardening, reading, movies, fine foods, friends, family, laughing.